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Gibraltar is participating at the Seatrade Cruise Global cruise and shipping convention being held in Miami from 8th to 11th April.

The event brings together representatives from all sectors of the cruise industry and is invaluable in facilitating one to one contact with cruise companies and the cruise press.

A team from the Gibraltar Tourist Board (GTB) and the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) are based on the MedCruise stand during the event, holding meetings with cruise line representatives. The delegation is led by Manuel Tirado, Captain and Chief Executive of the Gibraltar Port Authority and Nicky Guerrero, Chief Executive of the Gibraltar Tourist Board, who is also Director, Partnerships and Events for the MedCruise Association

Minister for Tourism and the Port, Gilbert Licudi QC, said, “Gibraltar is held in high regard in its cat-egory as a large cruise port within the Western Mediterranean region. Being present at Seatrade Cruise Global, through our membership of MedCruise, is important so that the Gibraltar can re-main at the forefront of the cruise industry. Gibraltar continues to be a popular cruise destination with the forecast cruise calls for 2020 now showing an increase of 10% over 2019 and passenger numbers expected to be up by 16.5%. Our presence in the MedCruise Association remains strong with a seat on the Board of Directors, as we make the most of the resources of this proactive organ-isation.”