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Catalan Bay Village Tour - Victory Tours

Catalan Bay (Spanish: La Caleta) is a bay and fishing village in Gibraltar, on the eastern side of The Rock away from Westside.

Historically, Catalan Bay had been populated by Genoese fishermen who were part of a much larger settlement pattern along the eastern coast of The Rock during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the eighteenth century Genoese was so widely spoken in Gibraltar that government notices were also published in this language (alongside English and Spanish). Genoese was spoken in La Caleta well into the nineteenth century, dying out in the early decades of the twentieth. There has been some discussion about the possibility that the British may have mixed up Catalans with Genoese but, according to some opinions, it is by no means clear why they would suffer such a confusion, especially since there is other evidence which demonstrates that the British were perfectly aware that the residents of La Caleta were Genoese: the orders for the siege of 1727 refer to this bay as the Genoese Cove and the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century censuses record large numbers of people born in Genoa, not in Catalonia.

Meeting point is by the Bus Stop Terminal of Market Place (outside Casemates Square Gates).

Note: Visitors staying at the Caleta Hotel can meet the guide/group on the entrance to Catalan Bay.

On this tour the following will be covered:

  • Etymology
  • History
  • Fishing Culture
  • La Mamela Rock
  • Caleta Cave
  • Lady of Sorrows Church


Return transport via public bus from Casemates Square.




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