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Guided Walking Tour from the Cable Car Top Station.

Before setting off with your Local Guide to explore our wonderful Nature Reserve, we recommend you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all the Cable Car top station has to offer.

  • Marvel at the magnificent views from the Top of the Rock
  • Enjoy a drink, cocktail, snack or delicious meal at the Mons Calpe Suite Restaurant and Bar.
  • Pick up a souvenir to take back home as a memento of your time on the Rock.
  • And don’t forget to spend time in the company of the famous Barbary apes who roam freely around the top station.

Your Walking Tour will take you along the following route: 

  1. Cable Car Top Station 00:00 – 00:10
  2. Skywalk 00:10 – 00:20
  3. Douglas Path 00:20 – 00:40
  4. St Michael’s Cave 00:40 – 01:10
  5. Royal Anglican Way & Windsor Suspension Bridge 01:10 – 01:50
  6. Apes Den/ Cable Car Middle Station 01:50 – 02:00

The route should take aprox 2 hours including time to enjoy the views, take photos and selfies along the way and a visit into St Michael’s Cave.

Your Walking Tour in more detail:

Cable Car Top Station

Meet your guide at the Mons Calpe Suite Bar, located within the Cable Car top station. Before meeting your guide we ask you to have your Nature Reserve ticket to hand and some drinking water plus we recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes.


Your guide will lead you south past Charles V Wall, a popular feeding place for the monkeys, towards the Skywalk, which was opened by Juke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill in 2018. Located on a former military lookout point, the spectacular glass platform protrudes out from the edge of the cliff over the Jurassic dune below and overlooks the Mediterranean.

Douglas Path

Douglas Path is a 230m trail within the Upper Rock - Gibraltar Nature Reserve. You will follow this path with your guide, south along a the upper ridge of the Rock passing abandoned former military lookouts and buildings along the way while learing all about Gibraltar’s facinating and rich miltary history.

St Michael’s Cave

After rejoining the road, you will walk a short distance downhill to the entrance of St Michael’s Cave. Here your guide will show you in and around one of Gibrlatar’s most popular natural attractions. They will explain how this magnifcent cavern was discovered back in Roman times and how it has been used as a military hospital and more recently as a concert venue. The wondersous formations will not disappoint.

Royal Anglican Way & Windsor Suspension Bridge


11:00 - 13:00
15:00 - 17:00



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