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Joaquina Cañada is a well-known writer & poetess in the Andalucia area. In fact, one of her books ‘Cartas al viento’ was launched at Mackintosh Hall just before Covid.

In March 2020, as we were going into C & C – Covid and confinement, Joaquina Canadas came up with the sterling idea of writing stories reflecting what was happening then. The stories would be for children and would encompass an ample cast which tried to find the ‘virus’ to destroy it. They interrelated with ‘el Mago de los Cuentos’. The stories reflect what the world was then going through in the spring of 2020. In her stories, Joaquina openly talks about the tragic Covid deaths and her characters speak of ‘los heroes’ (the heroes), doctors, nurses and state organs trying to combat the virus.

Around 20th March 2020, Joaquina asked a number of persons if they were happy to narrate some of the stories which would be broadcast every day on Cadena Joven in Spain. Levi Attias was approached and asked if he’d be interested in narrating some of the stories. He came up with the idea of narrating the stories through his ventriloquist puppet, a skunk named Janoj. Other narrators added their voices. Every day throughout confinement Cadena Joven would broadcast the stories. They were mainly geared for children, but not only. The project went on air daily from the 24th March to 18th June 2020, every single day.

The stories turned into a book (‘El Mago de los cuentos y la troupe de super heroes’) which was launched at different venues in Spain. On the 31st March 2022, it’s being launched at the Mackintosh Hall. Janoj will be narrating some of the stories. Some stories will narrated by another participant. As the stories were written in Spanish, the event will be in Spanish.


31st Mar , 7:00pm - 10:00pm

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