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Garrison Library Tour

The Garrison Library of Gibraltar is no ordinary library. Its founding was due to the perceptive Colonel John Drinkwater, author of one of the most famous histories of the Great Siege of Gibraltar, which lasted from 1779–1783: A History of the Late Siege of Gibraltar.  Having suffered from a lack of reading material during the siege, Colonel Drinkwater saw the need for a good circulating library and club as a means of saving the officers of the garrison from “having their minds enervated and vitiated by dissipation”.

Situated just off the main shopping street and opposite one of Gibraltar’s finest hotels, with a large tropical terraced garden and patio, it is the perfect Gibraltar location for hosting social functions and weddings. 

There are tours of the library every Friday at 1100 hours.  These are free of charge but donations are welcome.

For further details concerning the library contact

Gibraltar Garrison Library

2 Library Gardens

Tel: +350 20077418




From 01st Oct 2021, 11:00am
To 28th Feb , 1:00pm

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